For Here or To Go? is an independent production with big ambitions. The movie is a romantic comedy drama about the trials and tribulations of Indian immigrants in Silicon Valley. It’s a passion project for the entire production crew, from Bollywood stars Ali Fazal (Fast and Furious 7), Omi Vaidya (The Office), Amitosh Nagpal, and former Miss India-America, Melanie Kannokada (Parenthood) to director, Rucha Humnabadkar, and writer Rishi Bhilawadikar, who all agreed to work on the project because of the strength of the script and the power of the film’s message.

Micah met the crew on the waterfront on a chilly evening in late October. They shot a night scene on the Embarcadero, which, in the film, will be the end of the leading couple's first date.

Micah said "The crew was very professional; they were laying out the shots as we went, but even though it was improvised, everything went really smoothly. We had a fun time shooting, and the leads had great chemistry."

To learn more, check out the film's Facebook and Twitter pages to learn more, or visit the website.

Both Micah and Cabrio are excited for their on-screen debuts. For Here or To Go?  is expected to premiere in Bay Area independent theaters in 2014.

Posted by Geoff Abraham.