Cabrio riders are on the move! Our fearless leader - Geoff - talks a lot about "lifestyle" - the 'why' in why we do what we do. The theory is; the quality of life as a pedicabber - freedom of schedule, staying physically active, and being outside all the time - is appealing to a certain group of individuals, even at the cost of higher paying 'real-er' jobs.

The best and the worst thing about pedicabbing is that it attracts these kinds of people - interesting, creative, and ultimately, adventurous. Everyone embodies this differently - some take different seasonal jobs around California and the world, others have part time work else where, and some people work steadily until they're ready to hit the road again.

On Tuesday, Cabrio Taxi pedicabber Bobby Gadda and his new wife Alix took off of the second leg of their world bike tour. They started in Vancouver, and have spent the last year in San Francisco, resting up and prepping for part two - all the way to Panama. With Bobby on his tall bike, and both of them so loaded down (with all their worldly possessions!) they are sure to be a spectacle everywhere they good. Best of luck to you both!

While we don't plan on seeing Bobby around any time soon, other adventurers Kyle Albery and Micah Davis will be back soon enough, but not before dropping off 4 black pedicabs in Detroit - the beginnings of Motor City Pedicabs!

Kyle and Micah recently delivered 4 former Cabrio pedicabs to the motor city.
Kyle and Micah recently delivered 4 former Cabrio pedicabs to the motor city.

Kyle, a Detroit native, bought the bikes and took a harrowing journey across the country along with Micah to deliver the bikes. They'll be back soon enough with reports of how things kicked off.

Over the next few months the Cabrio riders will be stretching to the far reaches of the world - New Zealand, Thailand, South America, and more. We can't help it, the "lifestyle" is too good!

Posted by Geoff Abraham.