Last week a group of us had the pleasure of being guests of San Francisco's Aquarium of the Bay. Since many of us spend a fair amount of time transporting passengers to Pier 39, it was great to learn more about the facility, where the aquarium is located. The aquarium staff and the fish put on a great show for us. Paired with the expertise of aquarium naturalists, we explored displays and traversed three hundred feet of tunnels through a 700,000 gallon aquarium holding close to 20,000 animals that represent the native populations of the San Francisco Bay. We also made our way through the Aquarium's splash zone where we could reach out and touch some of these fascinating creatures. As we are usually headed in different directions when we're pedicabbing around the wharf, the aquarium photographer also made a remarkable accomplishment when he was able to keep us all in one place and have us pose with one of the aquarium's seven gill sharks without trepidation. We look forward to connecting our customers with this extraordinary place, and thank the Aquarium for this wonderful experience.

Posted by Geoff Abraham.