Pedicabbing - It's not a job, it's a lifestyle

Pedicabbing is a lifestyle choice.  We choose the fresh bay breeze. We choose to be tired and hungry come the day’s end. If this sounds like your paradise, you may just be a fit. Keep reading for some insight into the gloriously unique way we make our living. 

Cabrio Pedicabber basics

Before taking the plunge with Cabrio Taxi, here are some basics of what you're looking at. It's the most fun Not Job you'll ever have, but pedicabbing can be challenging work. Take a few minutes to read up on some essential points of the job: 


Founded in 2011, Cabrio Taxi is the premier pedicab company in San Francisco. We offer the boldest, most stylish pedicabs, which are driven by the most professional drivers anywhere. As our company continues to grow, we hope to continue to be a positive force in shaping our community. See our story.  Meet our pedicabber wranglers and pedicabbers.

To Keep In Mind:

You Are In Charge

As a pedicab professional,  you'll actually be running your own business. This means you'll lease a bike (the pedicab) from Cabrio Taxi - but how you run your business on the streets is (primarily) up to you. 

Have no fear, though - you're in good hands. One of the advantages of riding with Cabrio Taxi is the training, tips, and techniques you'll receive from our most veteran rides. We won't turn you loose on the city of San Francisco until you're armed with all the knowledge you need to succeed. 


Skills for success

Expect the unexpected on San Francisco's many streets. Pedestrians, Cyclists, Traffic and...people, the most unpredictable creatures on earth. Every day on a pedicab is different - These skills, learned and honed, will make sure you're ready for anything. 

Resilience with a smile; a sense of humor that won't easily quit
Team player; ability to work with folks from all walks of life
Thinking on your feet; your creativity is key in ever changing situations
Calm and Collected; the streets of San Francisco are full of curve balls (and curves). 

You Make it Happen

While physical strength will get your passengers up hills, your personality is what will get passengers into cab. Your social skills = Your earnings. 

This can take some getting used to, but you’re in good hands. You’ll get some tips and tricks during your training - and spend the first few weeks developing your own style. 


Some Thoughts on Physical Fitness

Pedicabbing causes frequent laughter, but also hard work.  Really hard work.  

Don't kid yourself: riding a trike is different from "fitness exercise."  This is a labor job, not a fitness regimen, and as such demands you pay attention to your health.  (Of course, labor this fun hardly seems like labor at all, most days!)  

DC has some grueling hills, and you are often in a random, stop-and-go rhythm.  As if the load of the trike wasn't challenging enough, these other elements add a challenge that needs to be respected.

Most riders will tell you that pedicabbing is unlike any sort of pedal-powered riding they have ever done. Even experienced cyclists are surprised by the differences between riding three wheels versus two.  

Most adapt to the intensity of pedicab within two to four weeks. Even the smaller folks manage to rock the trike pretty quickly!