There are many ways to see the city of San Francisco, but one of the best--and surely one of the most underrated--are San Francisco pedicab tours. When you visit San Francisco by pedicab, you're getting an experience like no other! If you're still not convinced, take a look at the following 3 reasons why you should take a pedicab tour the next time you're in town.

#1: It's an eco-friendly option

Pedicabs are powered entirely by pedal, so you won’t be adding unnecessary pollution into air by taking a standard car or bus for your tour trip. You’ll definitely appreciate getting to see the city in the open air, feeling the gentle breeze and warm sun on your skin.

#2: You won't be stuck in traffic for hours

Pedicabs almost always use designated bike lanes to get around, so you won’t be stuck behind a car for hours and hours on end! Pedicab tours rarely get delayed or jammed, so you don’t have to worry about your tour being delayed for 4 hours during rush hour.

#3: You can see the best sights without spending an entire day on tour

A pedicab tour is truly a “best of the best” highlights reel. You can see some of the most memorable, unique and important sights in the city—without having to dedicate your entire day to the tour! Most pedicab tours last about 90 minutes or sometimes about 2 hours, letting you see the sights without becoming bored or overwhelmed.

Posted by Geoff Abraham.