Please join us for our annual formal event this Sunday, November 8th, at 8pm at Presidio Bowl

This year we are putting on a fun activity rather than a "mingle & dance".  But we'd still ask that you to show up in formal attire.  I saw 3 bow ties on Cabrio riders this Halloween weekend; I interpret this as a collective urge to paint a place with well-dressed peddicabbers. 

$20/person will cover your bowling, shoes, and drinks for the evening.  As in prior years, Cabrio will pick up the other half of the tab.  Pedicabber +1s are welcome and highly encouraged.

Please help us plan by filling out the Formal RSVP.  Mimosa and I can do our best to help facilitate transportation to the Presidio.  If you're coming from Santa Clara, we can help build in a shower & change of clothes.

This will be a ton of fun, and it's an important tradition.  So please join us.  Alumni welcome.

Posted by Geoff Abraham.