ALC Riders brought the total number of miles ridden to an incredible 20 million this year! The hills of California didn't seem all that tough to pedicabbers Mike Oliva, Micah Davis, Peter Lugo, Mimosa Andre, and Geoff Abraham, after pedicabbing the streets of San Francisco on a regular basis for the past few years. Even Melissa Oliva, Mike's wife who talked the team into forming, felt like she was trained and ready to take on the ride for the second year in a row.

Together, the team raised over $35,000 to support the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center. The ride was an amazing experience - challenging, team building, eye opening, and just plain fun.

Team Cabrio plans to return to the ALC 2014 in full force - bring it on, California! But for now, they would like to thank their generous donors, friends, family, and greater pedicab community for the outpouring of support, love and encouragement they experienced on this journey. They couldn't have done it without you!

20 Million Miles Timelapse

Posted by Geoff Abraham.