Do You Have What it Takes?

 If you are friendly, driven, and want to make the most out of every day, consider applying for a position at Cabrio Taxi. We are looking for a select few pedicab drivers to work with our company. We pride ourselves on hosting the best pedicab operators in the nation and our drivers often say that pedicabbing is the best job they’ve ever had. 

Our pedicabbers are gregarious, fit, independent, and locally informed. You should feel comfortable initiating conversations with people on the street as well as be able to entertain people on your pedicab while you bring them to their destination.

Know the process

Pedicab operators are self-employed and independently licensed.  This means that to become a pedicab operator in San Francisco, you will have to obtain a pedicab operators license on your own.  This involves credentialing, paperwork, and a few trips to state and city municipal institutions (DMV & SFPD).  For your convenience, we've broken the process up into two stages.  Please be familiar with this process before you apply to ride with us, but note: you can not begin your process with SFPD without paperwork from Cabrio Taxi. 


  • Valid California Driver's License
  • At least 21 years of age
  • License and permits
  • Successful completion of our pedicab training program
  • A valid pedicab permit from the San Francisco Police Department

Phase 1: Prepare 

  1. You’ll must have a California state driver’s license.
  2. Pick up your 3-year driving record at a local DMV. The SFPD requires that the printout comes from the DMV. SFPD will not accept printouts from the DMV website.
  3. Obtain two passport sized photos.
  4. Contact Cabrio Taxi for an interview at  
  5. Bring in the above materials.

Phase II: Obtain your San Francisco Pedicab Operator's permit

Important note: this will cost ~$350.  

  1. Bring a check or withdraw a money order from your bank or post office for $325.51 (no cash or credit cards)
  2. Fill out the SFPD Pedicab Operator Application Form . 
  3. Bring the above to the San Francisco Police Department permit office on 850 Bryant Street and pass the SFPD pedicabber test. Here's the Study Guide
  4. When notified, go to your scheduled SFPD Permit Hearing on Wednesday at 1pm. The PD will mail you a postcard notifying you of the date in advance of your hearing.
  5. Contact Mimosa to schedule your training
  6. Pick up your permits at SFPD
  7. You're ready to ride! 

If you feel comfortable that you understand the process, please tell us about yourself.  We're looking forward to meeting you.

Know your options.

There are 3 pedicab companies in the City of San Francisco: Cabrio Taxi, Golden Gate Pedicab, and San Francisco Pedicabs.  For the most part, we're all friends.  Yet each company has a distinct culture and approach.  Our strongest applicants not only know why the want to be a San Francisco Pedicab Operator, but why the want to be one for Cabrio Taxi.  You'll win points with us if you've done your homework.  Read through each site.  Speak to pedicab operators on the road.  We'll be eager to hear why you think you'd make a great fit!