Levi's takes you to AT&T park

Levi's 2012 Go Forth™ Global Marketing Campaign is redefining how business relates to its customers, and was extended into a free pedicab ride campaign during the San Francisco Giant’s World Series Championship. Outfitted in Levi’s Commuter jeans and t-shirts, and sharing Levi's Go Forth™ message, more than 25 Cabrio drivers spanned the area around AT&T Park on game days offering free rides to fans going to and from the games courtesy of Levi’s. Drivers encouraged passengers to post to the #goforth campaign on social media and a few lucky posters were selected to receive a free Levi's jeans.  Levi's has since employed Cabrio Taxi pedicabs in subsequent activations, including important rivalry games.  Levi's even included Cabrio Taxi in the 2012 and 2014 World Series Parades!

Local & Tech Brands like our billboards

We have executed year long to week long out-of-home (OOH) advertising campaigns throughout San Francisco.  The Embarcadero is frequented by San Francisco residents as well as visitors from around the country. It is a perfect area to include in their campaign. Pedicabs are one of the few outdoor media options along this highly traveled corridor, but it's also one of the most effective. Pedicabs advertisements lead to tens of thousands of impressions among pedestrians, cyclists and motorists everyday. Often, more importantly, our drivers serve as brand ambassadors, ensuring impressions convert to customers at much higher rates than other outdoor media.  Aquarium by the Bay, Hard Rock Cafe, Il Fornaio, the Exploratorium, Rickshaw Bagworks, and Glyde.

BMC & Zoho Mount Guerilla Campaigns

Conferences are big business. They're also ripe for rivalry.  Is your competitor hosting a big conference that you want to show up at in a big way?  Perhaps you want us to deliver a message during our fee pedicab rides, or even capture potential customer leads.  Pedicabs offer an effective, legal means to paint the streets the color your competitor doesn't want to see.  At the 2013 Dreamforce event, Zoho offered free rides for one 13-hour conference day.  Zoho strategically chose to offer free rides to the concert, when the "official" pedicabs of the conference weren't on call.  Then, in 2014, BMC showed up at Service Now with 25 pedicabs when the "official" conference pedicabs only numbered 5.  To quote a passenger: "You wouldn't believe it! It's all anyone is talking about inside."

Live nation makes a splash for Kurios

Each year Cirque Du Soleil constructs a big yellow tent in our back yard -- right behind AT&T park -- to put on a spectacular show.  Many of the show's attendees are accustomed to using pedicabs to arrive at the show.  Moreover, our pedicabs circle the show area, and so they can let potential audience members know of the show they should see.  For the last 3 shows, Cirque Du Soleil has chosen to advertise with Cabrio Taxi.  This year, they decided to dress up our pedicabs.  Don't they look spectacular?

Uber Delivers Ice Cream Downtown

As part of Uber's global campaign to deliver ice cream to the world on a July 18, 2014, Cabrio Taxi pedicabs were part of a fleet of pedal-powered drivers who delivered the sweet treats on demand in San Francisco. Cabrio Taxi helped deliver hundreds of  gallons of ice cream to hungry San Franciscans via the tech-giant's simple platform.

Odwalla's Free Rides on Earth Day

Odwalla decided to make a splash on Earth Day by offering free pedicab rides -- and free product -- to San Francisco commuters.  Cabrio Taxi pedicabs picked up surprised passengers from the Ferry Building and BART station to deliver them to wherever they needed to go.  Not only did the passengers arrive more quickly and less tired than by foot, they arrived with a smile on their face.

Greenbuild's Sponsorship Platform

The US Green Building Council held their annual meeting, Greenbuild, in San Francisco in 2012. Being focused on sustainability and environmental issues, they wanted to ensure their transportation sponsorship package was also green.  Pedicabs are also a fun way to deliver brand message to large audiences that attend Moscone Center outside the noise and distractions of the exhibit hall. Office Depot sponsored a fleet of pedicabs, which provided free rides to Greenbuild attendees. Each pedicab was “fully wrapped” in the Office Depot brand and equipped with a banner for extra exposure. All drivers wore branded t-shirts and hats and delivered talking points to passengers on Office Depot’s sustainability message. 

Desigual's Daring "Undie Party"

They pulled it off in Barcelona and New York, and then the daring  Spain-based clothing company decided to bring the "Desigual Undie Party" to San Francisco. Desigual provided a free outfit to the first 100 people in line -- so long as they showed up in their underwear, and nothing else!  How did they promote their campaign?  Among other channels, they chose Cabrio Taxi pedicabs.  Our pedicabs carried underwear models through the City streets proclaiming the "Undie Party" to the San Francisco crowds.  When the pedicabs weren't rolling with models, they were branded with eye-catching media.  On the 2nd and 3rd days of the campaign, our client asked if some of our riders -- they were flattered -- would ride the pedicab in their underwear.  We did.  In the end, the campaign was a huge success.

esurance sponsors rides at Outside Lands 

Another Planet Entertainment, the festival producer, hired 10 Cabrio Taxi pedicabs, which provided free rides to fans going to and from the festival along JFK Drive in the park. The pedicabs were branded with Esurance advertisements that coordinated with the rest of their transportation sponsorship activation. Additionally, each pedicab driver was outfitted with an Esurance t-shirt and each pedicab was equipped with an Esurance banner. Everyone that walked along JFK Drive over the three days knew Esurance was offering free pedicab rides. Even if a fan didn’t take a ride, they were grateful to Esurance for the opportunity to grab a ride. Fans loved it, Esurance got great exposure and customer appreciation and Another Planet Entertainment grew their sponsorship portfolio and revenue.

Louis Vuitton Shuttles VIPs

Louis Vuitton decided they wanted to offer their publicity contacts a special treat -- they wanted to offer them a tasted of "Healthy San Francisco".  Louis Vuitton VIPs were carried to the Ferry Building Farmer Market to select fresh food to be cooked the very same evening with guest chefs.  How did they want their guests to get around?  You guessed it.  In a pedicab.  Cabrio Taxi's Louis Vuitton branded pedicabs connected the guests from their hotel to all subsequent destinations.

Exploratorium Gala

We love the Exploratorium.  We couldn't wait until they arrived at their new Pier 15 location, which is right in our back yard.  Lucky for us, they seem to love us back.  We partook in their Grand Opening Gala -- we even were able to ride passengers around inside the building itself! -- and we've partaken in every Gala since.  We're proud to be associated with this incredible place.

Levi's Store Opening

When Levi's moved their store location from Union Square to Market Street, they wanted to make sure the City knew about it.  They chose Cabrio Taxi to spread the good word as well as deliver passengers directly to their door.  Some Cabrio Taxi pedicabs helped passengers who had arrived at their old location to quickly arrive at the new one.  

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