A San Francisco Pedicab FAQ

Where can I find a Cabrio Taxi Pedicab?

Cabrio Taxi Pedicabs can be found along the Embarcadero in San Francisco throughout the year. Along the Embarcadero, rides can usually be provided without a reservation but availability may be limited during peak times.

When can I find a Cabrio Taxi Pedicab?

Cabrio Taxi Pedicabs typically operate daily from late morning to sunset. During special events, pedicabs will likely be out much earlier or later. If you want to ensure that a pedicab will be available for you or your party, you may want to reserve one (or many) in advance.

What is the capacity of a Cabrio Taxi Pedicab?

Pedicabs can accommodate 2-3 adults comfortably or 2 adults with 2 small children (on laps). We have also be known to transport pets, luggage, film crews and equipment, mascots, and a variety of other types of passengers and cargo.

What are your standard "Taxi Rates"?

We do not have "meters" like standard taxies.  We do have approximate rates approved by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.  Note that these rates may vary slightly depending on your particular situation.  Our drivers are fair and professional; they can help you understand our rates.

Can you tell me more about pedicabs as they relate to specific places of interest?

Of course.  See a more detailed account of specific places of interest here.

Do you sell advertising on your pedicabs?

Yes, we do.  We have a lot of fun!  Please see our advertising page for more details!

How do I arrange a tour with Cabrio Taxi?

Cabrio Taxi Pedicab drivers know the sights in San Francisco. They can usually accommodate a spontaneous request for a tour and can make arrangements with you individually. If there are specific destinations that you want covered during you tour it may make sense to book one in advance.

How do I arrange a ride for a large group?

We love to do group rides.  We prefer that group rides are booked in advance.  We especially love to ride for special events and weddings for which we can provide a special service, including white shirts and red ties.

How does weather affect your pedicabs?

During periods of heavy rain, pedicabs may not be too popular. However, we do have canopy coverage and can keep you dry regardless. On cooler nights, most pedicabs will have a blanket available.

Are your pedicabs and pedicab operators licensed and insured?

Cabrio Taxi is a properly licensed pedicab company of San Francisco, California through the San Francisco Police Department, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority, Port of San Francisco, and City of San Francisco.  All pedicab operators are permitted through the San Francisco Police Department and the City of San Francisco.  Cabrio Taxi is insured according to the policy standards set by The San Francisco Police Department in Article 39 of the Police Code.  

Are you a partner of San Francisco Travel?

Yes!  Proudly, for all of our years of existence.  See our profile here.

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