Opening Tonight! Cirque Du Soleil: Volta at AT&T Park

Opening Tonight! Cirque Du Soleil: Volta at AT&T Park

Cabrio Taxi would like to welcome Cirque Du Soleil’s Volta to San Francisco. The show opens tonight and a limited number of tickets are still available.

Volta is showing in San Francisco until February 3rd and then the high flying troupe will decamp for San Jose, opening February 13th at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds.

 Catch a ride to the show in one of Cabrio’s Volta themed pedicabs!

Catch a ride to the show in one of Cabrio’s Volta themed pedicabs!

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Another Magenta Summer with T-Mobile

Another Magenta Summer with T-Mobile

With the end of the summer, came an end to our extended campaign with T-Mobile. We’re sad to see the bright magenta wraps go for now, and look forward to partnering again next summer.

This spring T-Mobile opened their sixth Signature Store just off Market St. near Union Square. Cabrio Taxi’s pedicabs were on hand to provide transportation to and from the store for customers, staff and VIP’s. T-Mobile Executive Vice President Jon Freier posted this video tour of the new store on Twitter.

Later in the summer, T-Mobile partnered with us to provide free rides for fans heading to AT&T Park, the new Signature store, San Francisco’s Fleet Week, and several other notable events thorough out the city.

Cabrio Taxi also provided transportation for T-Mobile employees during their Unstoppable Tour and were featured in the video link here.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Visit San Francisco By Pedicab?

There are many ways to see the city of San Francisco, but one of the best--and surely one of the most underrated--are San Francisco pedicab tours. When you visit San Francisco by pedicab, you're getting an experience like no other! If you're still not convinced, take a look at the following 3 reasons why you should take a pedicab tour the next time you're in town.

#1: It's an eco-friendly option

Pedicabs are powered entirely by pedal, so you won’t be adding unnecessary pollution into air by taking a standard car or bus for your tour trip. You’ll definitely appreciate getting to see the city in the open air, feeling the gentle breeze and warm sun on your skin.

#2: You won't be stuck in traffic for hours

Pedicabs almost always use designated bike lanes to get around, so you won’t be stuck behind a car for hours and hours on end! Pedicab tours rarely get delayed or jammed, so you don’t have to worry about your tour being delayed for 4 hours during rush hour.

#3: You can see the best sights without spending an entire day on tour

A pedicab tour is truly a “best of the best” highlights reel. You can see some of the most memorable, unique and important sights in the city—without having to dedicate your entire day to the tour! Most pedicab tours last about 90 minutes or sometimes about 2 hours, letting you see the sights without becoming bored or overwhelmed.

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Who is the Most Popular Operating Pedicab Company, San Francisco?

There are quite a few pedicab companies operating in San Francisco, but which is the most popular operating pedicab company, San Francisco? The answer may be obvious to anyone who’s asked around about the best pedicab companies in the area or who has glanced at online reviews: Cabrio Taxi!

Why is Cabrio Taxi the most popular choice among pedicab transportees? Let’s take a closer look at why this company stands out from the rest.

They offer many different types of services

Some pedicab companies only offer basic transportation from point A to point B—and while there may be nothing wrong with that, if you’re looking for something above and beyond a simple ride, this company definitely has you covered. They offer a wide range of services, which include services related to (but certainly not limited to):

  • Weddings

  • Bachelor/ette parties

  • Birthday parties

  • Corporate events

  • Fundraising events

  • Standard transportation

  • Tours

  • And more

They allow for advertising

For anyone interested in pedicab advertising or pedicab branding in San Francisco, this company is an excellent choice. They offer multiple venues for businesses who want to advertise using pedicabs, which include visual advertisements on pedicab coaches and the ability to create marketing campaigns such as free ride campaigns. They have plenty of experience working with companies, organizations and event organizers, so they know how to meet the various needs of each client.

Their customer service is also worth a big mention: they strive to meet the needs of every single client, whether it’s a big business organizing an advertising campaign or an everyday Joe wanting a ride to work.

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Carnavale Parade 2016


Carnavale Parade 2016

Cabrio Taxi was honored when Nancy Pili of Bicis Del Pubelo asked us to participate in the 2016 Carnavale Parade this May in the Mission District of San Francisco. Loco Bloco, an organization Bicis works closely with, produce a float in the parade each year. They are a organization who seek to "promote San Francisco youth’s healthy transition into adulthood by engaging them in the creation and performance of music, dance, and theater rooted in Afro-Latino traditions.  Loco Bloco encourages its youth to use multicultural art forms as a tool for their own empowerment and as a catalyst to help them overcome discrimination and bring about change in their communities." Their programs include dancers, drummers, stilt walkers, and other performers, primarily under the age of 18, who practice all year for the parade. This year the theme they chose was Throw Love Into The Fire, and our red sparkly pedicabs were a perfect addition to their red and gold color scheme. 

The pedicabs rolled through the parade with the float, dancers, stilt walkers, and wagons; helping to give breaks to those with tired feet. As Loco Bloco is comprised mostly of children dancers, the pedicabs were a welcome chance to sit down for a few minutes in the long parade, transport mobility impaired members, and help carry props for the dance crews. 

Community Organizer Giovanny Roa worked with his fellow pedicabbers to organize them to participate in the parade completely voluntarily. The drivers loved the opportunity to ride in this epic parade. Loco Bloco was awarded 1st Place for Comtemporary/World/Fusion/Original Category, and we couldn't be prouder to have been involved. Thank you for including us!

To learn more about these incredible organizations and the work they do, please visit:

Loco Bloco - Changing the Rhythm of the World

Bicis Del Pubelo - A Community Based Bike Project

 Cabrio's Proud Crew: Keith Sherman, Will LaBarge, Kevin Manning, Brady Bakay, Giovanny Roa, Bryan Maddan, Carl Patrick

Cabrio's Proud Crew: Keith Sherman, Will LaBarge, Kevin Manning, Brady Bakay, Giovanny Roa, Bryan Maddan, Carl Patrick


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Cabrio Taxi Celebrates 5 years, 3rd AIDS/Lifecycle

Cabrio Taxi Celebrates 5 years, 3rd AIDS/Lifecycle

This June, Cabrio Taxi will celebrate 5 years of serving San Francisco by partaking in our 3rd AIDS/Lifecycle ride.   The 7-day, 545-mile landmark bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles, includes thousands of whom ride to raise money and awareness in the fight against HIV/AIDS.  
As founder of Cabrio Taxi, it gives me a deep sense of pride to contribute to this cause, which is a part of this City in which I live and do business.  To date, the Cabrio Taxi team has proudly raised $85,000+, and ridden 20,000+ miles training and riding for the AIDS/Lifecycle cause. 
The 2016 Team

Geoff Abraham, founder of Cabrio Taxi, 3rd time rider
Mimosa Chloe, General Manager of Cabrio Taxi, 3rd time rider
Ayal Mesher, joined Cabrio Taxi in year 1, 1st time rider
Adam Boyd, rode a pedicab pre-Cabrio Taxi, Jimmy Duvet & The Comforters Band Member, 1st time rider
Mindy Geller, 2 year rider with Cabrio Taxi, 1st time rider
Our Big Fundraising Event

Friday, May 13th, 6:30p - 9:30p
Fort Mason General's Residence
Sliding Scale Entry: $10-$50
Jimmy Duvet & The Comforter’s to headline
Yes I’m Left Handed to open
Raffle: win tickets to Levi’s Stadium


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