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Cabrio Taxi Pedicabs is San Francisco's Premier Pedicab Company.  We offer services in pedicab branding, experiential marketing, outdoor advertising, green transportation, and event transportation for weddings, conventions, and trade shows.


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Cabrio Taxi and Blu Bungalow Events Present - Venue Tours at the Exploratorium!

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Cabrio Taxi Pedicabs is pleased to sponsor Blu Bungalow Events Studios for their annual venue tours on Feb 26th!! This year -- at the @exploratorium! Join the fun, alternative way of discovering wedding venues! Purchase your tickets at www.bbbexploratorium. Guests will be treated to a pedicab ride along the way to the event, and a photo opportunity with one of our world class drivers.

From BB: Join us at the @exploratorium on February 26th for an evening of delicious food, desserts, drinks, entertainment, and a swanky gift lounge! Limited tickets available, so purchase yours today at www.bbbexploratorium.

Looking for a fun & alternative way to find vendors for your big day? @blubungalow offers a great way to explore a venue while meeting some of the Bay Area's top wedding professionals! Join us Feb 26th! www.bbbexploratorium.

Engaged? Here’s a fun way to jump start your planning: Beyond Blu Bungalow Venue Tours. Join us Feb 26th at the @exploratorium! www.bbbexploratorium.

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Cabrio and the Cabinet of Curiosities

Cabrio Taxi

Cirque du Soleil's Big Top has encamped at San Francisco's ATT Park until January 18, 2015 with their current show, Kurios - Cabinet of Curiosities. With whimsically steampunk aesthetics coupled with spectacular acrobatics, our crew had the privilege of seeing Cirque's final dress rehearsal before the premiere and we were blown away. Critics say that it's the best show the Cirque has performed in years. And we agree.

Kurios-themed pedicabs are currently making up parts of our fleet and we will make a special effort to have these pedicabs available to Kurious guests before shows at:

  • 8 p.m. Tuesdays-Thursdays
  • 4:30 and 8 p.m. Fridays-Saturdays
  • 1:30 and 5 p.m. Sundays

Look for us between our Ferry Building Pedicab Stand and ATT Park. We can't wait to get you to Le Chapiteau!

Bocce League Champions!

Cabrio Taxi

This spring, Cabrio Taxi's pedicab drivers have been competing against neighboring San Francisco-based businesses in the Ferry Bocce league at Justin Herman Plaza in front of San Francisco's iconic Ferry Building. Around 40 teams gathered weekly on the newly revamped bocce courts to try their hand at bocce, and even get some pro tips from Bocce international competitors like Benji Tosi, who has been known to make cameos at the games. Teams play against each other in random order throughout the season, ultimately competing for a spot in the semi-finals to go on for the big wins.

The finals boiled down to one champion team per night, and then finally, a Battle Royale for the League Champions. After a nail biting semi-final (13 - 12!) Team Cabrio pulled out a win of 13 - 10!

Pedicab drivers Paulo Serna (team captain), Ward Davis, April Atencio and Brett Sherman (pictured L to R above) will be back next season for more Bocce on the waterfront.

Coffee Talk With San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee

Cabrio Taxi

Mayor Ed Lee recently convened representatives from San Francisco’s three pedicab companies to gain a some perspective about the pedicab business in San Francisco.

The mayor was primarily interested in how pedicabs can be of service to the Embarcadero given the upcoming possibilities the Warriors stadium and other upgrades to the waterfront area. He observed pedicabs moving easily through the streets where cars often cannot.

The meeting took place at Red’s Java House on the Embarcadero; also in attendance were the Executive Director of the Port and a manager of the SFMTA. Topics ranged from more pedicab routes throughout San Francisco, including through Golden Gate Park, and even the possibility of electric assist pedicabs being made legal.

Time will tell what comes to pass, but the overall message was powerful – keeping the city in close touch with pedicab companies is in everyone’s best interest – we can all be of service to each other.

The Science of Cocktails at the Exploratorium

Cabrio Taxi


Celebrating the artistry and science of master mixology, Cabrio is a proud partner of the Exploratorium's Science of Cocktails, a fundraiser being held on January 24th. We will be providing complementary pedicab rides to VIP ticket holders. For those without a VIP budget, fear not! The Exploratorium is holding a contest for 2 VIP tickets! All you need is an email address for a chance to win.




Cabrio Cameo in the Movies!

Cabrio Taxi


For Here or To Go? is an independent production with big ambitions. The movie is a romantic comedy drama about the trials and tribulations of Indian immigrants in Silicon Valley. It’s a passion project for the entire production crew, from Bollywood stars Ali Fazal (Fast and Furious 7), Omi Vaidya (The Office), Amitosh Nagpal, and former Miss India-America, Melanie Kannokada (Parenthood) to director, Rucha Humnabadkar, and writer Rishi Bhilawadikar, who all agreed to work on the project because of the strength of the script and the power of the film’s message.

Micah met the crew on the waterfront on a chilly evening in late October. They shot a night scene on the Embarcadero, which, in the film, will be the end of the leading couple's first date.

Micah said "The crew was very professional; they were laying out the shots as we went, but even though it was improvised, everything went really smoothly. We had a fun time shooting, and the leads had great chemistry."

To learn more, check out the film's Facebook and Twitter pages to learn more, or visit the website.

Both Micah and Cabrio are excited for their on-screen debuts. For Here or To Go?  is expected to premiere in Bay Area independent theaters in 2014.

Cabrio Taxi Riders - Moving and Shaking

Cabrio Taxi


Cabrio riders are on the move! Our fearless leader - Geoff - talks a lot about "lifestyle" - the 'why' in why we do what we do. The theory is; the quality of life as a pedicabber - freedom of schedule, staying physically active, and being outside all the time - is appealing to a certain group of individuals, even at the cost of higher paying 'real-er' jobs.

The best and the worst thing about pedicabbing is that it attracts these kinds of people - interesting, creative, and ultimately, adventurous. Everyone embodies this differently - some take different seasonal jobs around California and the world, others have part time work else where, and some people work steadily until they're ready to hit the road again.

On Tuesday, Cabrio Taxi pedicabber Bobby Gadda and his new wife Alix took off of the second leg of their world bike tour. They started in Vancouver, and have spent the last year in San Francisco, resting up and prepping for part two - all the way to Panama. With Bobby on his tall bike, and both of them so loaded down (with all their worldly possessions!) they are sure to be a spectacle everywhere they good. Best of luck to you both!

While we don't plan on seeing Bobby around any time soon, other adventurers Kyle Albery and Micah Davis will be back soon enough, but not before dropping off 4 black pedicabs in Detroit - the beginnings of Motor City Pedicabs!

Kyle and Micah recently delivered 4 former Cabrio pedicabs to the motor city.
Kyle and Micah recently delivered 4 former Cabrio pedicabs to the motor city.

Kyle, a Detroit native, bought the bikes and took a harrowing journey across the country along with Micah to deliver the bikes. They'll be back soon enough with reports of how things kicked off.

Over the next few months the Cabrio riders will be stretching to the far reaches of the world - New Zealand, Thailand, South America, and more. We can't help it, the "lifestyle" is too good!