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Cabrio Taxi Pedicabs is San Francisco's Premier Pedicab Company.  We offer services in pedicab branding, experiential marketing, outdoor advertising, green transportation, and event transportation for weddings, conventions, and trade shows.


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Sponsorship Platforms

Event producers and conference organizers are always looking for new revenue generating opportunities to ensure their events continue to grow and prosper. Sponsorship platforms are part of every special event because they help drive revenue growth, while providing corporate partners with tremendous value through access to your audiences and the targeted demographics that they represent (e.g. sports fans, music lovers, exercise enthusiasts, conference attendees, etc.). Transportation at large special events in San Francisco is always a challenge for event producers and a source of frustration for those attending the events.

Combining transportation with marketing is a no-brainer, which many events have done in the form of shuttle bus sponsorships, free car rides, etc. But many people that take public transportation, walk or bicycle to special events in San Francisco, and thus do not benefit from these services nor see the messages they carry. And it’s often the last mile that is most frustrating at crowded events.

Pedicabs are uniquely equipped to help in move people through those last steps, while generating unforgettable memories and smiles. We call it the “last mile with a smile.” One client called us a “Smile Factory!” Associating a brand with this experience, is a powerful way to ensure the brand message is remembered, while strengthening the brand’s relationship with their customers. Sponsorship packages can consist of Free Ride Campaigns for the biggest impact or Mobile Outdoor Advertising. Both platforms offer sponsors an opportunity to get their brand in front of your audience, while generating additional revenue for your event. 

"Experiential" Free Ride Campaigns

For companies that want their advertising dollars to generate lasting relationships with their customers, we offer "Free Ride Campaigns." Free ride campaigns are the ultimate experiential marketing platform because they get noticed and develop customer gratitude that translates into brand loyalty. During free ride campaigns, Cabrio Taxi’s drivers serve as brand ambassadors, delivering your message verbally, through collateral materials, via social media, or even distributing product samples. Complimentary rides along with advertising are the ultimate experiential marketing platform for delivering your brand’s message in San Francisco and the best way to say “Thank you” to your customers. Even those that don’t take a free ride will associate your brand with this gift. 

Targeting Special Events

San Francisco hosts numerous special events throughout the year that draw large crowds, providing fantastic advertising opportunities to focused demographics. No matter what your target market is, there is likely a special event or conference in San Francisco that brings them together. Cabrio Taxi often works directly with special event producers through an integrated sponsorship platform, but for those special events that haven’t partnered with us, you can still get your message delivered to their audience. Wether you are looking for a single day activation, or want exposure during the entire baseball season, our special event advertising can be crafted to meet your marketing goals. Here’s a list of just a few of the exciting events taking place in San Francisco in 2013. Where’s your target demographic gathering this year?

Creative Outdoor Campaigns

Reach a larger audience in one of America’s most beloved cities by advertising with Cabrio Taxi. We reach more potential customers than any other form of stationary billboard advertisement or outdoor media with a lower Cost per Mile (CPM). Pedicabs provide an opportunity to deliver a brand message directly to potential customers, while associating that brand with a fun and memorable experience.  Pedicabs provide an opportunity to deliver a brand message directly to potential customers, while associating that brand with a memorable experience that leaves a lasting impression. 

Cabrio Taxi’s pedicabs are are seen by millions of San Francisco residents and visitors each year. Our mobile advertising platform reaches numerous demographics throughout San Francisco but is also deployed to special events that focus on key markets (e.g. sports fans, music lovers, exercise enthusiasts, conference attendees, etc.). Pedicabs operate in and around crowds, thus your message will get closer to your audience than any other form of media. We reach more potential customers than stationary or mobile outdoor media with a lower Cost per Mille (CPM). As we roll by at speeds slightly faster than walking; pedestrians, cyclists and motorists have time to absorb your messaging, while associating your message with an eco-friendly mode of transportation. In 2011, San Francisco hosted 16.3 million visitors who spent $8.5 billion in the city. Reach a larger audience in one of America’s most beloved cities by advertising with Cabrio Taxi.

Move beyond impressions, make connections! Pedicabs are interactive and fun, while creating tremendous buzz and excitement. Sure, pedicab advertising will deliver impressions, but more importantly, it generates connections directly with new and existing customers. With many avenues to success, our team will work with you to find the most effective solutions for your advertising needs.

San Francisco Visitor Demographics 

  • Average Party Size: 2.4 people 
  • Average Spending: $333 a day per party 
  • Average Annual Income: $98,000 
  • Transportation: 40% of visitors use taxis for transportation 
  • Attractions: 50% of people visit Pier 39, 43% visit Golden Gate Bridge 
  • Neighborhoods Visited: Union Square (65%), Fisherman’s Wharf (56%), Embarcadero (38%) 
  • Return Visit: 98% of visitors say they

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